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About Us

Liberty Reach Inc. provides innovative 3D vision systems to guide robots in production manufacturing.

Founded in 2003 as a contract research & development lab, we work closely with manufacturers to create and improve machine vision technologies that push the boundaries of what's possible for manufacturing automation.

Manufacturers choose Liberty Reach robotic guidance solutions because we:

  • Help them automate more manufacturing tasks, add flexibility to robots, and simplify automation

  • Reduce setup & cycle times, eliminate the need for precision holding fixtures, and save floor space

  • Reduce long-term costs by providing a robust, reliable system that is easy to use, troubleshoot, and modify

  • Employ a full-time R&D staff that brings the most innovative technologies to market

  • Work closely with our customers and listen to their needs to provide the best possible solution to fit their needs

  • Provide industry leading, 24/7 customer support