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About Us

Services and Support:

With over 30 years of vision application experience, the Technical Support team at Liberty Reach prides itself on providing world class service and support.

Liberty Reach’s experienced Technical Support staff is standing by to answer your system or application related questions.

As a full-service supplier of vision and guidance applications, Liberty Reach employs a global support infrastructure to better serve our customers and partners. From project management, engineering and systems design, to on-site installation and launch support, the Liberty Reach Team is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible solutions for product applications. 

Services Offered:

  • Answer technical questions concerning the application of Liberty Reach products
  • System Consultation - Our specialists and engineers help select the solution that best suits specific manufacturing needs
  • Training - Liberty Reach provides custom training to support your employee needs
  • Provide service and repair for Liberty Reach hardware products
  • System Upgrades and Rebuilds - Replace existing outdated vision systems with Liberty Reach vision, by combining advanced hardware and software with the existing equipment.
  • Support contracts - Provide maintenance contracts for Liberty Reach Hardware and Software

Training Services:

Detailed, multi-level training is an integral part of each Liberty Reach installation, covering setup, operation, and maintenance. Training consists of a mixture of classroom theory and hands-on, practical work with the system.

Below is an outline of the topics that will be discussed in the training:

  • General System Overview
  • Components of the system
  • Sensors and mounting (VFIX)
  • Adding new styles into the Vision System
  • Camera Calibration
  • Camera Replacement
  • Communication between HMI and LR
  • System Navigation/Runtime Screen
  • Fault-tracing and treatment
  • System maintenance/Troubleshooting


Liberty Reach also offers Maintenance Agreements in order to keep systems running in ideal conditions. Two visits per year ensure that no equipment damage sneaks by without notice. Any number of systems can be covered under a Maintenance Agreement.

Maintenance Agreements include the following:

  • General Hardware Review
  • Software and Data Analysis
  • PC Upkeep and HDD Cleanup
  • Complimentary Remote Support
  • Included Software Upgrades

And many more advantages. Please contact us for more information.