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Together we can provide a superior robotic solution

We work closely with robotic systems integrators to better serve our mutual customers


Why work with Liberty Reach?

  • Manufacturers expect integrators to provide the latest and greatest technologies
  • When it comes to many applications, we provide the latest and greatest solutions for robot guidance
  • Together we can give manufacturers the guidance they need to succeed

What does working together look like?

  • Some projects will come from our sales team, others will come from yours
  • We'll provide the vision guidance system, you provide the PLC & robot integration
  • For the vision portion, we'll handle project evaluation, design, proposals, installation, training, support

> Eventually, we'd love for you to take over some or all of these tasks


We provide partner integrators with:

  • Opportunities to team up on new projects: break in to new applications & customers

>Replace existing vision guidance system: manufacturers have tried the rest, now they want the best

>Add vision guidance to un-guided robots: a small upgrade that makes a big difference

>Replace manual tasks with vision guided robot(s): de-racking is still done with manual labor in most plants

>Build a new automated line / cell: if the application is right, recommend Liberty Reach guidance in your proposal

  • Demo systems: installed at your facility for evaluation & testing and to show your customers
  • Exclusive product discounts
  • Training & certification for installers
  • Direct support wherever needed: project evaluation, design, proposals, installation, training, support, etc.


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