A Partnership for Superior Robotic Solutions

Selecting effective robot guidance technology is critical to the success of an advanced manufacturing system. 

Liberty Reach guidance systems utilize advanced, proprietary 3D vision technology to achieve dramatically reduced cycle times, fewer faults, the ability to handle a variety of jobs and make job modifications. Customers receive a return on their investment within days of commissioning.

Why work with Liberty Reach?

  • Provide products that work well and are cost effective.
  • Use innovative solutions to deliver industry-leading robot guidance capabilities and benefits.
  • Give manufacturers the guidance they need to achieve success.

What does working together look like?

  • Projects are awarded to the Liberty Reach sales team or the integrator.
  • Liberty Reach is committed to providing the best solutions, quality, service, support, and value with every system sold.
  • Liberty Reach provides the vision guidance system, the integrator provides the PLC & robot integration.
  • Liberty Reach handles project evaluation, design, proposal, installation, training and support.
  • In the future, integrators will assume responsibility for most, if not all, of the project.

We provide partner integrators with:

  • Opportunities to team up on new projects, help manufacturers with new applications and gain new customers.
    • Replace and upgrade existing vision guidance system – show manufacturers how Liberty Reach improves their robot performance with the best robot guidance technology in the industry.
    • Add vision guidance to un-guided robots – a small upgrade makes a big difference.
    • Replace manual tasks with vision guided robotsde-racking is still completed using manual labor in most plants.
    • Build a new automated line / cell - if the application is right, recommend Liberty Reach guidance in the proposal.
  • Demo systems – installed at your facility for evaluation, testing and and demonstration to your customers. Seeing V-Guide in action sells systems.
  • Exclusive product discounts.
  • Training and certification for installers.
  • Direct support wherever it is needed – project evaluation, design, proposals, installation, training, support and just about anything else needed to sell systems and delight customers.

The V-Guide™ Advantage

The unparalleled V-Guide™ technology is a key advantage and differentiator from the competition. Our proprietary 3D vision robot guidance technology utilizes volumetric sensors and advanced algorithms developed by Liberty Reach’s research and development lab. When manufacturers see it in action, they select Liberty Reach. Learn more.

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Whether you're brand new to guidance or ready to prove out a project, Liberty Reach is here to help.


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